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with potential for remote work and $20/hr.
We Are Now Hiring Call Center Reps!
We Offer instant and quality Customer Service! Learn More Our Call Centers and Live Telephone Answering
Services enable our customers to provide industry
leading customer support solutions.
Our Call Centers and Live Telephone Answering
Services enable our customers to provide industry
leading customer support solutions.

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Call Center Services

  • “Call Before You Dig” One Call Service
  • Order Entry
  • Specialized applications with dedicated hardware and software
  • Night Attendant Service and other remote operation of in-house facilities
  • Voice Mail
  • Emergency Dispatch
  • Customer Service Help

Pass Word is committed to providing you with the very best service possible. Our mission is to save you time and money while offering you appropriate and effective solutions for all your communications needs.

Our Call Center and Live Telephone Answering Services enable our customers to provide leading-edge telephone and web-based customer support solutions.

Call Center Services

Our Call Center and Live Telephone Answering Services enable our customers to provide leading edge telephone and web-based customer support solutions.

Now Hiring Call Center Reps!

Starting at $15.30/hour in Washington with the potential for remote work and $20/hour! We are interviewing as soon as tomorrow. Please upload your resume below and expect to hear from us soon.

    Telephone Answering Service

    Live telephone answering service is an ideal way to professionally present your business 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. Live answering is the clear choice for many clients. There is simply no substitute for a professional voice on the end of the line to handle those sensitive, urgent, and emergency calls.

    Our advanced computer systems assist our highly skilled staff to provide quality and professional service with that personal “I am here to help” attitude. If your business requires prompt call handling with an emphasis on premium customer service, our staff can handle even the most complex assignments with ease. We believe we are an extension of your business and aim to represent you in a manner you can be proud of. We’re here for you when you cannot be.

    Customized rate packages are available to fit your unique budget needs. We have rates for high and low volume users and packages to fit every application.

    One Call Service

    Pass Word provides industry-leading One-Call Service (Call Before You Dig) to the five northern counties of Idaho:

    Kootenai County: 800-428-4950
    Bonner and Boundary Counties: 800-626-4950
    Shoshone and Benewah Counties: 800-398-3285

    Pass Word provides industry-leading One-Call Service for the State of Wyoming:

    One Call Wyoming 800-849-2476

    Our Mission

    To protect the public and prevent damage to underground facilities through clear and accurate communication between excavators and underground facility operators in a timely, easy to use, cost-effective manner, and to comply with all government regulations.

    One Call Features

    Our One Call Service operation provides highly-trained customer service staff with expertise based on thirty-five years in the industry. That expertise led us to choose the Amtelco Infinity™ ACD platform for its sophisticated call distribution, advanced messaging capabilities, extensive call detail, and integrated voice logging with screen capture.

    That expertise also directed us to the industry-leading TelDig One-Call System™, employed by One-Call services from Ontario to British Columbia, Wisconsin to New Mexico, and Alaska to Idaho. It has proven itself in installations from five to fifty seats.

    TelDig has invested millions in the evolution of its One-Call System since 1996. It is proven, stable, flexible and exceptionally sophisticated. Its open architecture provides direct import/export capabilities to industry-standard GIS systems like MapInfo™ and ArcView™.

    It can use GIS polygons, streets and address ranges, TRSQ, and custom methods to define utility notification areas. It provides virtually infinite resolution to avoid over-locating. For example, we cope successfully with five or more water districts within individual quarter sections.

    An efficient database update process enables us to keep up with street databases that change daily. System architecture permits database layering so that Orthophotography may aid the mapping process. Ticket-entry using GPS coordinates enables us to cope with areas that are rural, poorly documented, or have out-of-date data. It can deliver Locate Tickets by fax, dial-up computer, email, and FTP.

    We are well acquainted with Common Ground Alliance Best Practices and apply them in the structuring of Pass Word’s One-Call Service.

    Order Entry

    We offer the perfect solution to all of your large or small order taking needs. It makes sound financial sense to outsource your orders, saving you considerable time and money. No more over staffing or having to maintain your own staff. Our friendly, live operators will maximize your sales opportunities anytime your customers are ready to buy or inquire about your products or services, every hour of every day, 365 days a year, from anywhere in the country.

    We are fully web integrated to connect with your present e-commerce website or orders can be processed on our house system. We have the flexibility to link directly to your company’s database for real-time inventory status, shipping information as well as payment processing completely customizable to fully integrate with your operations.

    We specialize in outstanding customer service satisfaction. Our staff is flexible to adjust to your promotional needs with whatever marketing mix you use to maximize your sales efforts and the bottom line. We can provide effective product cross-selling and value-added services. We convert calls into sales. With our staff, there will be no more missed calls or lost sales.

    Voice Mail

    With Pass Word voice mail, you can set up a personal or professional business voicemail system with a single or multiple mailboxes, custom greetings, live call forwarding operator answer, 800 numbers, and a host of other advanced service options.

    Each mailbox has its own local or 800 number that supports a high number of incoming calls at any time. Callers will hear your main voice greeting and may choose an extension voicemail on multiple mailbox systems. Once a caller has selected an extension, they are taken through to the user-designated for that specific mailbox and will hear their custom greeting. When a message has been left, you can have the mailbox call you and notify you of the call. Calls are stored for up to 10 days for retrieval and can be checked by any phone regardless of your location.

    You can now have mailbox extensions to provide more information about your products and/or services. You can have callers choose an extension to be connected to Customer Service, Technical Support, Sales, etc. These extensions may then be connected to one of our live telephone operators for assistance or sent outside the voicemail system to a land-line, cell phone, or pager.

    Voice mailboxes, greetings, call forwarding numbers, and notification options can all be customized to create either a simple voicemail system or full-featured voice mail network 24/7 from any location. Call us today to learn more about our competitive packages and services.