North Idaho Private Lines

Idaho Code requires underground facility owners to locate and mark only the lines they own and maintain. See here.

See also reproduced here.

 Utility companies own and maintain public lines, and each company may define at exactly what point its service ends, whether on public or private property. At the utility company’s expense, utility lines are located to the “dissemination point” or “point of service,” which usually means up to the meter.

Underground lines that extend beyond the dissemination point are private lines. They are typically not installed, owned, or maintained by the utility company. Effective July 1, 2019 the facility owner is responsible to locate water, sewer, and stormwater service laterals located in the public Right of Way (R/O/W) up to the edge of the property. See Section 55-2202. Definitions. (21) Service Lateral” in the above reference to the statutes.

Private lines may include water and sewer laterals, utility lines to an outbuilding, sprinkler irrigation systems (pivots), gas barbecue grills, or lines connected to a propane tank or septic system.

Before excavation, the excavator should check with the property owner as to the location of private lines. These private lines will not be located by a public facility owner/utility.

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